Anonymous asked: St.Helens is better than Warrington ;)


HOW DARE YOU. I will have you know I am in St Helens as I type this and it’s disturbing at best. Everything is different shades of grey compared to Warrington’s consistent brown AND I DO NOT CARE FOR IT. Our most famous and beloved resident is Kerry Katona, a woman whose grace is succeeded by her beauty. You have Steph from Hollyoaks who got cancer and died in a fire. SHE IS NO INSPIRATION. I also have yet to see any glorious fountains while I’ve been here. Warrington has three in a row, one of which sprays brown water and lovingly lets children inside it. TO PUT IT BLUNTLY, YOU MAKE ME SICK. I am shaking with rage and am covered in my own blood and vomit, but I choose not to wash and wear my stains with pride. FOR I LOVE WARRINGTON.



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